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Quizzo Fundraiser

Bridal Shower "Tea Party"

Paint Party Fundraiser


Building Use

St. Timothy’s Church has a rich history in the Roxborough community. And as a member of the community, we make our space available for meetings, receptions, showers, graduation parties, etc. We encourage use of our rooms as often as possible.

Active members of St. Timothy’s, as well as non-parish members, can use the parish hall and other facilities for a suggested donation. Use of the rooms can be scheduled through the parish office. After the date has been approved and the building use documents are completed, we will list your event on our calendar.

Please note:  St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church’s insurance  requires that the Building User’s provide proof of liability insurance. For details about insurance please contact your agent.  

For more information and details, and donation guidelines, contact the parish office at 215-483-1529.

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